Panduit SynapSense® 900 MHz Wireless Monitoring System

SynapSense® 900 MHz Wireless Monitoring System provides a lowcost, easy-to-deploy solution to gather, communicate and visualize data in warehouses, retail spaces, and factories to improve reliability, product quality, operational efficiency and energy optimization. Robust IoT sensing technology delivers granular data at a fraction of the time and cost of wired solutions. The system includes tools to visualize, analyze and alarm based on customer needs, easing deployment and allowing immediate use of collected data. SynapSense® 900 MHz Wireless Monitoring System is part of the Panduit® building block architecture that enables reliable end-to-end physical layer nfrastructure from the enterprise to the edge, simplifying robust industrial network and IoT deployment.


  • Provides 250-300 foot range, non-line of sight/indoors for greater penetration through walls, ceilings and floors*, to help improve operational efficiency .
  • Operate on two standard AA batteries, included, that provide up to eight years of battery life**, reducing installation and maintenance costs
  • Avoids complex cabling installations, minimizing time, labor and material costs
  • Easy mounting options and wireless placement of sensors at any point avoids the cost and time of installing complex or additional connectivity
  • Provides automatic time stamping for all sensor data to indicate and document the exact time at which an event was collected, allowing historical logs and comparison
  • Sends messages to confirm connection between gateway and sensors to ensure data integrity
  • Allows interconnect ability of up to 100 sensors on a single wireless network gateway through one single IP address, reducing the need for separate IP ports, IP capital costs and management overhead
  • Help manage plant operations with graphs, charts, alarms/alerts and sensor data mapping, reducing plant maintenance time and cost
  • Provides a secure solution for customers to evaluate the system via private enterprise server or in the cloud for flexibility and ease-of-use

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